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From the numbers of inhabitants to Heraklion only being on place two Chania is however the perhaps most beautiful city on Crete. Before one can discover and enjoy this beauty however, it applies first of all to maintain ground in the heart of the city center. Particularly with the motorcycle (without protecting sheet metal around itself) it is to be tormented again and again exciting, by the close road courses, until one finally reaches the Platia Sofoukli Venizelou, the central traffic junction of the city. Where the German normal driver expects if necessary three lanes, it is enough here loosely for five, sometimes lauern six vehicles next to each other before a red traffic light.

                 The port is actually in Souda Bay, but there are buses and taxis available to take you right into the city. The bus will leave you at the market place near the old town. There are hotels all over the city but the ones overlooking the harbor are probably where you want to be.  lollypop and visit this.


Chania Crete Greece If one leaves the market hall by the north exit, a walk offers itself toward Fischer and yachting port. Numerous business and fashion shops invite to expanded Shopping strolling.

Chania Crete Greece

Chania Crete Greece Through close, bent lanes it continues to go in northeast direction to the former  arsenals. From here a course offers itself over the long mole up to the lighthouse at the port entrance. At the ruins of the old Forts one can shorten the way back: The tavern operator offers a service over there to the venedik ruins at the Fischer port. Above the Fischer port on the hill, which was surrounded by its own wall at that time, in former times the rector palace and other representative buildings stood.

Chania Crete Greece

True attractions are in the close auto-free lanes: a meal in the open air there in the ruins of an old venedic Palazzos is really an experience.

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